If writing was easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not easy is it? i struggle with internal conflicts for my characters. i’m great at external forces driving them apart, getting in the way of things and adding tension, but the internal struggles are an Achilles Heel with me.

I’ve recently started up with a new critique group with the first of my Millionaire Heiresses series, The Gold Mine Heiress and I’m hoping for some really good constructive criticism to help me out. I’m not happy with the manuscript sitting at 11 chapters right now. Not happy at all. To the point, where I want to scrap it and forget about it. But if you don’t persevere, you don’t get published, so perserve I must.

I just bought Save the Cat Writes a Novel and Volume 2 of the Conflict Thesaurus and plan on going through them with a fine tooth comb with my writing buddy next Sunday. Save the Cat is getting the highlighter treatment. Normally I’m a pantser and do very little preplanning, thought I usually have something of the gist of thing in my head, including how it’s going to end. And I have that for this book, but perhaps the use of a beat sheet and learning how to use one will be beneficial.

We shall see. I’ll keep you updated.