2023 is gone and 2024 has been ushered in. I celebrated by signing up for a class on Renaissance Italy, which is a new area of interest for me. I’ve read a few biographies but need more. Hopefully, this class will give me some further background for research as well as resources to look up to do so!

I also signed up for three fan events: the Star Wars Big Bang, The Stucky Reverse Big Bang, and the CodyWan Bingo. While it sounds like a lot, I’m looking forward to getting back to my fan roots this year. I still have Book Three of my Geek Girls Trilogy percolating in the background and I plan on having it finished by fall but I’m in no hurry. Book One and Two still need to be edited out of rough draft form, given to my critique partners for review, and all that other happy stuff.

I still want to write historicals and I’m thinking of doing my contemporaries under a different pen name instead of the Val Fassnight penname, which I’ve already published one historical short story under. Keep them separate, as it were. But all of that is for future me to worry about. I’ve got plenty of time.

For now, though, it’s overtime season at my real life job and I’m exhausted every evening. This will go on for about a month and a half thereabouts but it can’t be helped. At least the money’s good.