The Worlds of Val Fassnight

One Night of Erotic Fantasy
A Paranormal Anthology

Some fellow local romance authors and I a few years ago decided to do an anthology.

I am listed as S. E. Xavier for the story "You Gotta Rub Me the Wrong Way", but I am not the currently published author on Amazon and other places of the same name. This was a foray into self-pub with some fellow authors as a fun project. Published February 2017, ebook only. See link below for purchasing options.

Ghosts, Gypsies, Aliens, Werewolves, and Genies. Oh my! This anthology features several of your favorite paranormal hunks doing all kinds of sexy, mischevious things with the women they've fallen for. This collection of stories will have you laughing, loving, and smoldering.

Amazon Kindle $2.99

Perfect Youth, None Like Him

Miuty, a demi-god of the underworld, for his first missio n helps the handsome and lonely priest Seneb find love with the mortally threatened Lord Remhotep. This 6000 word short story is the first in a series featuring a matching making cat spanning the ages of Ancient Egyptian civilization.